Quartier Dix30 Project: Rinox Paver driveway with entrance platform, stairs and small retaining wall for mini garden

Pavers, Walls  & Natural Stones

Whether looking for a completely new look or repairing current structures, our landscaping and hardscaping ensures durability and styleFrom preparing the foundations to the fine tuning, our team follows strict industry building norms. We can design and build driveways, entrances, alleyways, walkways, stairs, decorative walls, retaining walls, pool contours, lounging or dining areas, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, etc. Let our experts guide you in the design and choice of the right products for your projects. 



Verdeko Landscaping - Pool countouring - patio terrasse pavers waterfall into pool stone walls

Pools & Water Gardens 

Enhance your outdoor living space with the relaxing sound of water. If you are adding an inground pool, our specialists can contour and build the terrace or patio that best suits your style. We can also incorporate a stone waterfall to your pool or create a cozy area with a water garden or cascade. 



Backyard Landscaping Project Dix30: Yard levelling, sod installation with Rinox paver patio, stepping stones and river rock

Installing Sod/Grass

Looking to install grass for a new construction or replace old and tired grass you have, we guarantee green results. Our team of experts will evaluate your yard to ensure the right property grading for drainage. We will then turn the soil, add a thick layer of top quality organic soil and apply root fertilizer before we install the best sod. This will guarantee a perfect lawn


VerdekoPaysagement - plantation arbres, arbustes, vivaces, conception et design de plantes - verdeko.ca


Adding a few trees, shrubs, ornamental grass and perennial flowers will give personality to your landscape and is a great place to invest. For an elegant and remarkable look, the plantation muse be carefully structured. Work with our garden designer to choose the right plants and layout based on the soil, sun and your personal style. 



Verdeko Paysagement - Services de Mini Excavation - drain, puit sec, nivelage de terrain - www.verdeko

Mini Excavation

We offer mini excavation services for both residential and commercial properties. From drains, driveways to dry wells and levelling your yard, our experienced operators will work quickly, efficiently & with the utmost care.


Verdeko Paysagement - Custom Made

Custom Made

Make the most of your backyard by adding elements such as a wood patio, a pergola, planters, outdoor kitchen, bar. This would allow to create a space intended for pleasure and relaxation and an inviting, harmonious atmosphere. Tell us about your project.